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Legion of Mary - Valenzuela Comitium
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Spiritual Reading for the Month

For the month of January 2006

Some of the ways in which the legionaries may help the growth of a true community spirit are as follows:
(a) Visitation of the homes of the people. (see No. 2, of this chapter);
(b) Conducting para-liturgical services on Sundays and holidays of obligation in places where there is no priest available to celebrate Mass;
(c) Conducting religious instruction classes;
(d) Visitation and care of the handicapped, the sick and the old, including, when necessary, making arrangements for a visit of the priest;
(e) Recitation of the rosary at wakes and funerals;
(f) Promotion of Catholic Associations and Parish Societies, including Church Confraternities or Sodalities, where they exist, by recruiting new members and encouraging existing members to persevere;
(g) Collaboration in every apostolic and missionary undertaking sponsored by the parish and so help to bring every soul in some manner into the protective network of the Church, thus securing the safety alike of the individual and the community.
There are certain other parochial works which, though important, would not satisfy, except in special cases, the work obligation for senior legionaries. Among these works are: Altar Society work, the keeping of the church clean and beautiful, stewarding at Church services, Mass serving, etc. Where necessary, the legionaries could organise and superintend the performance of these duties, which would be a source of blessing to the persons undertaking them. The legionaries could then make the more difficult, direct approaches to souls.
"I desire, like the Mother of Grace, to work for God. I desire to co-operate by my labours and sacrifices towards my own salvation and that of the whole world, as the Holy Scripture says of the Machabees, who in the holy enthusiam of their courage, 'did not care to save themselves alone, but undertook to save the greatest possible number of their brethren'." (Gratry: Month of May)

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