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Legion of Mary - Valenzuela Comitium
Plan of Action for 2006
About the Legion of Mary
Membership in the Legion of Mary
Directly Attached Praesidia
Affiliated Councils
A Short Catechesis on Mary
Plan of Action for 2006
Spiritual Reading for the Month

Long Term Goals: Strengthening of Existing Praesidia, Propagation of Patrician Movement, Extension

Focus for the Year: Enhancing Understating of Legion Works

Specific Goals

  1. Strengthening of Sta. Maria Curia, Praes. Talang Maliwanag, Praes. Kaban ng Tipan, and possible reorganization of Praes. Birheng Mapag-ampon, and all Senior Praesidia in Sto. Cristo Parish (Marulas)
  2. Preparation for Possible Reorganization of Legion of Mary in Bulacan
  3. Preparation for the 50th anniversary of Marilao Curia (May 2007)
  4. Preparation for the 15th anniversary of Valenzuela Comitium (September 2008)


Schedule of Activities:


Directly Attached Praesidia (as Curia)

Comitium Level


Submission of Particulars and Statistics (Directly Attached Praesidia)

Submission of Plans of Actions for 2006


 Pangkaluluwang Paghahanda sa Acies

Submission of Particulars and Statistics (Councils)

02-09 Pilgrimage to Sta. Maria

Venue: Immacuate Conception Parish, Sta Maria, Bulacan

In-charge: Sta. Maria Sr. & Jr. Curiae

02-26 Establishment of Karuhatan Junior Curia

Venue: Holy Family Parish, Karuhatan, Valenzuela City

In-charge: Karuhatan Sr. Curia & Valenzuela Jr. Curia


* Submission of Semi-annual Report, Particulars and Statistics to the Senatus

03-18 Recollection

Venue: Sto. Cristo Parish

In-charge: Marulas Legionaries

03-26 Acies

Venue: Holy Cross Parish

In-Charge: Gen. T. de Leon Legionaries




04-29 Juniors Sportsfestival

Venue: Marilao, Bulacan

In-charge: Marilao and Valenzuela Jr. Curiae




05-13 Pilgrimage to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima

In-charge: Fatima Legionaries

05-19 Pilgrimage to Nuestra Seņora de Salambao (Obando)

In-Charge: Obando and San Pascual Baylon Curiae




06-12 Holiday Apostolate

Venue: Marulas

In-charge: Marulas Legionaries (together with Maysan Curia, Polo Curia, and Karuhatan Curia)


Submission of Particulars (Directly Attached Praesidia)




Submission of Particulars (Councils)


* Submission of Semi-annual Report and Particulars to the Senatus

09-30 Congress

Venue: St. John of the Cross Parish

In-charge: Ugong

Praesidium Function



Planning for 2007 (Councils)

Pilgrimage to Our Lady of the Rosary In-charge: Maysan Sr. &. Jr. Curiae

10-22 Establishment of San Jose del Monte Curia

Venue: San Jose Parish, SJDM

In-charge: Valenzuela Comitium & Sta. Maria Sr. Curia


Planning for 2007 (Directly Attached Praesidia)

Annual Mass for the Departed Legionaries  (every Praesidium)


* Presentation of the Plan of Action for 2007 to the Comitium

12-10 Annual General Reunion

Venue: National Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima

In-charge: Fatima Legionaries

Audit of Funds (every Praesidium / Council)


Valenzuela City * Marilao * Meycauayan * Obando * Sta. Maria * San Jose del Monte City