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Legion of Mary - Valenzuela Comitium
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National Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima
Valenzuela City, Philippines
Meets every 2nd Sunday, 2:00 p.m. at the Fatima Basement Hall.

"When two or more praesidia have been established in any city, town, or district, a governing body termed the Curia should be set up. The Curia shall be composed of all the officers (Spiritual Directors included) of the praesidia in its area.

Where it is found necessary to confer on a Curia, in addition to its own proper functions, certain powers of superintendence over one or several Curiae, such higher Curia shall be styled more particularly a Comitium.
The Comitium is not a new council. It continues to act as a Curia in respect of its own area and to govern directly its own praesidia. In addition it supervises one or more Curiae."

From the Handbook of the Legion of Mary pages 161-162


Valenzuela Comitium covers 33 parishes from the cities of Valenzuela and San Jose del Monte, and the towns of Marilao, Meycauayan, Obando and Sta. Maria, province of Bulacan, under the Diocese of Malolos. The council reports to the Senatus of Northern Philippines.


Valenzuela Comitium supervises 9 senior curiae, 7 of which has its own junior curia, 17 directly attached senior praesidia and 1 junior curia with 19 junior praesidia.
In total, the council is made up of 145 senior and 102 junior praesidia, and 25 Patrician units.


Spiritual Director:                 MSGR. MOISES ANDRADE
President:                           RODERICK EVANS BARTOLOME (1st term, May 2005)
Vice President:                   CHRISTY TAN (1st term, June 2005)
Secretary:                           LINDA BARTOLOME (1st term, July 2005)
Treasurer:                           ARCENOEL ZAPATOS (1st term, June 2005)

Valenzuela City * Marilao * Meycauayan * Obando * Sta. Maria * San Jose del Monte City